How We Work

We are dedicated to meeting deadlines, working through holidays if we have to.



The PCM team will provide a quick turnaround on your loan requests. Our goal is to continually provide better client relations. We recently implemented a "fast track" program. Loan requests are presented to the loan committee the day a request is received!



The loan committee will provide an initial response upon receiving the following items: Loan amount, Collateral type, Property Address, NOI, Net worth of Guarantor, and Deadline. Without these, we provide an initial response with limited information.


Due Diligence

After communicating with the Borrower, performing research on the property, and reviewing the market and financials, we'll issue a Commitment Letter. We then visit the property and meet the Borrower within a few days after issuing the Commitment Letter.



The PCM team is prepared to close a loan as soon as all due diligence is completed and 3rd party reports have been received. Our goal is to responsibly close loan within 10 – 20 business days. Since our start 2006, we have yet to miss a deadline.

Closed Loans

See examples of our previously closed loans


  • When our Santa Barbara commercial bank had their problems in the Great Recession, the FDIC sold our commercial real estate loan. I immediately knew I was in trouble with the group that bought the loan. I was referred to Prescient Capital by a commercial investment banker in northern California. I thought to myself—a group in Wisconsin is going to solve my problem!? Timing was critical, Steve Young traveled to see the properties on Father’s Day weekend, visited the properties, had dinner with my wife and me and we regained our confidence that Prescient could deliver a solution. They paid off the group that bought the Note in a matter of weeks, we paid off Prescient in 6 months and we have remained in contact with Dan and Steve—we look forward to doing business again. I owe my present financial well-being to Steve & Dan!
  • You moved very quickly, you did what you said you would do, you made quick, logical and reasonable decisions without delay or gyrations. There isn’t much more someone could ask for from a lender, especially on a project with such an unforgiving time deadline and consequences for not closing exactly as required. We are immediately working on the exit to get you a full payoff quickly, but as we start that I wanted to thank you both again for all that you did to make this happen just as it needed to.
  • My situation was a little different than most people because I was under contract with my lender when they started re-trading the deal on me. This has never happened in my 25 years of being in the business. My commercial real estate broker recommended that I call Prescient and they were exactly what I was looking for. They were extremely refreshing and working day in and day out, throughout two holidays included, getting the job done right and in a very limited time frame. I would highly recommend working with their team of truly dedicated, efficient and trustworthy professionals. From my perspective, the most important thing to me was getting it closed. I was in a situation where hundreds of thousands of dollars were at risk and while there are always surprises that develop in the 11th hour, I thought Prescient was very fair and well organized in dealing with my situation when most lenders have zero flexibility.
  • PCM essentially “rescued” us. We ran into a client who wanted to move their students into the building project we were currently work on, so we needed to find new lenders fast to build new “pieces”. We had essentially outgrown local lenders in that we were beyond the scope of what they could do for us. We reached out to PCM and they responded immediately. PCM was very different. They actually wanted to view the site and got personally involved in every step of the project. PCM went out of their way to accommodate. I can sum up the team at PCM as tremendously passionate, incredibly smart and quick to build a high degree of integrity and trust. They provide a very comfortable atmosphere in a fast-moving, high stakes environment. Very important!
  • First of all, I would say that we were in a unique position in that we were trying to get money on an expedited basis, since our bank pulled out at the very last minute. During my one meeting face-to-face at dinner in Chicago with Steve and Dan, I immediately sensed their earnest, hard-working and trust-worthy Midwestern natures, which I personally prefer to deal with in this industry. PCM is refreshingly unlike the more “slick” East and West Coasters who I have typically dealt with in the non-traditional lending business. When I met with PCM I got a comfort level and felt trustworthiness almost immediately—these guys are not going to screw around with you! If there are any problems, I knew they would work with us! I highly recommend PCM and look forward to working with them again in the future.
  • Steve & Dan actually want to meet the borrower and get a feel for the borrower’s character. I like the fact that they meet the borrower in person; they are looking at the borrower as a person. It is quite unique for PCM in that it doesn’t matter how big or small—Steve & Dan walk the entire property with the borrower. They work to double and triple check. I really like their methodical way of involving everybody. Steve goes the extra mile throughout the entire process. He wants me to succeed giving me every motivation to make sure that it becomes a win-win situation! I really like the way he looks at the bigger picture rather than just lending.”